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jungle king

JILI Jungle King Slot Machine has launched Jili Games. This slot has 5 reels and has 50 paylines. There are nine regular symbols in this online slot along with five playing card icons in different colors, a mask, a ship, a dinosaur, and a beautiful blonde girl. The most frightening look is the wild slot icon. It delivers the highest prize in this game and replaces regular symbols whenever it helps players finish winning combinations.

The silver gorilla coin is a mystery symbol that turns into a random symbol. Obtain three or more skyscrapers (Scatter icons) anywhere on the reels to activate a round of Free Spins with increasing multipliers. Collect the planes on the reels to increase the multiplier.

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How to Play Jungle King Slot Machine

As an original twist on the traditional 5 reel slot, the Jungle King stands out from the crowd with an interesting animation of a large gorilla next to reels, themed jungle symbols on reels, background sounds and drumming music. While there are plenty of wilds, scatters and magical bonuses, you’ll enjoy exploring the jungle with it.

  • Starting from the first reel, and from left to right, if there is any symbol that appears 3 times, the player wins.
  • Prize earned = Multiplier x (Player bet/50)
  • Only the payline with the highest score will be paid.
  • There are a total of 50 paylines.
  • In the event of any malfunction that causes an ambiguous outcome of a game, that round is considered invalid.
How To Play Jungle King Slot Machine

Dapat maunawaan ng manlalaro kung aling mga simbolo ang pinakamahalaga. Sa Jungle King, bilang karagdagan sa misteryosong simbolo at Scatter, ang wild na simbolo ng Gorilla ay ang pinaka-kapansin-pansin sa lahat. Bilang karagdagan sa pinakamataas na odds, maaari nitong palitan ang anumang simbolo sa laro.

Nalaman ng aming team na ang Jungle King ay isang laro na talagang sulit na subukan. Hindi lamang ito nagbibigay sa mga movie lovers ng isang magandang karanasan sa paglalaro, ngunit nakakakuha din ng suporta at atensyon mula sa mga manlalaro sa mga tuntunin ng mga bonus ng laro.

JILI Jungle King Slot Machine Payout

JILI Jungle King Slot Machine Payout5 X 500
4 X 150
3 X 50
Counts as any other symbol in the game (except Scatter and Mystery Symbol).
JILI Jungle King Slot Machine Payout5 X 300
4 X 125
3 X 40
JILI Jungle King Slot Machine Payout5 X 250
4 X 100
3 X 30
JILI Jungle King Slot Machine Payout5 X 200
4 X 75
3 X 25
JILI Jungle King Slot Machine Payout5 X 150
4 X 50
3 X 20
JILI Jungle King Slot Machine Payout5 X 100
4 X 30
3 X 15
JILI Jungle King Slot Machine Payout5 X 75
4 X 20
3 X 10
JILI Jungle King Slot Machine Payout5 X 75
4 X 20
3 X 10
JILI Jungle King Slot Machine Payout5 X 50
4 X 10
3 X 5
JILI Jungle King Slot Machine Payout5 X 50
4 X 10
3 X 5

JILI Jungle King Slot Machine Reels, Paylines

The Jungle King board is 5×4, with a total of 50 paylines, which is considered the standard design for slot machines. All winning points = odds X (player bet/50), and only pays the highest winnings for each value of the line.

JILI Jungle King Slot Mysterious Symbol

  • Mystery Symbols will appear in both normal and free games.
  • Mystery Symbols will flip to random symbols.
  • The symbols of mystery have no prize in themselves.

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JILI Jungle King Slot Scatter Symbol

No more than one Scatter will appear in each round, so there will be up to 5. As long as there are 3 or more Scatters on the field, it will go into free spins, but will not appear in free spins.

  • Free spin X1, the number of aircraft reaches the standard, the multiplier of the next stage +1.
  • free spin X2, ang bilang ng aircraft ay umabot sa standard, ang multiplier ng susunod na stage +2.
  • free spin X3, ang bilang ng aircraft ay umabot sa standard, ang multiplier ng susunod na stage +3.

JILI Jungle King Slot Machine Free Game – Kumolekta Ng Eroplano

Once you’ve collected 3 Scatters, you’ll enter free spins. The goal of the player is to have King Kong take down the plane.

  • One set of 8 free games. When King Kong attacks and the plane crashes, you randomly get a 1-3 plane symbol.
  • Collect 3 plane symbols to increase your multiplier and get an additional round of free game.
  • Current wins will increase by multiplying by accumulated multipliers!
  • The starting multiplier and increasing the multiplier are different based on the number of Scatters obtained in the normal game!

JILI Jungle King Slot Machine Wild

The WILD symbol in the game, in addition to Scatter and mysterious symbols, can replace any symbol.

JILI Jungle King Slot Machine Free Spins Bonus

The JILI design in Jungle King is seen carefully. Regardless of the Jackpot, 2000 times jackpot, reel, and volatility, the balance is very good, which means that players don’t have to make extreme bets and invest time. You can get great pleasure and earn from it.

Considering the features that are easy to play for all players, the bonus system of JILI slot machines is always simple, and each game has its biggest features. Jungle King’s biggest advantage is free spins. It has some awesome bonuses and gameplay.

Jungle King Slot, Slot Jungle King JILI, JILI Jungle King

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