MegaCricket88 Online casino is Feeling Lucky? The Most Common Lottery Superstitions

MegaCricket88 Online casino is Feeling Lucky? The Most Common Lottery Superstitions

How much do superstitions really help?

MegaCricket88 Online casino Maybe we’re not all superstitious, but in the words of the great Michael Scott, we’re all a “little stitious.” Never is that truer than when we’re playing the MegaCricket88 Online casino lottery.

Increasing the chances for lottery success is practically a vocation for some people. They ignore the skeptics and lean wholeheartedly into the wonderful world of rituals and dreams, hoping that they’ll gain an edge over those very same naysayers.

In many ways, superstitions persist because they’re empowering: rather than throwing the result all on fate, players feel like they’re taking back a small bit of control. It’s comforting to be a more active player, rather than a passive bystander. Reducing the uncertainty of life is a noble goal and superstitions help us meet it Lottery.


And why not? After all, you’re not hurting anyone or anything by allowing yourself to try your hand (or lucky rabbit’s foot). At the very least, you might get a chuckle out of it and that’s reason enough to give it a go.

The best part of the lottery is that buying a ticket is a form of winning in itself: you’re experiencing the thrill of the MegaCricket88 Online casino gamble Lottery and the hope of success. But—while we’re at it, maybe you’ll want to give a couple of these luck-bringers a try.

Follow Your Dreams in Lottery


The first superstition we’ll look at is one regular players (and even winners) swear by: using numbers you’ve seen in your dreams. MegaCricket88 Online casino Lottery They may come in quantities of objects that you can interpret after you wake, or in dreams that are, themselves, about playing MegaCricket88 Online casinothe lottery.

It’s pretty straightforward: this method suggests that dreams are a form of premonition and that you can use the information you glean from them to win big. Regardless, it’s a great way to think more critically about the dreams you’re having and reflect about what in your life has the most impact MegaCricket88 Online casino.

Stick To Your Lucky Numbers MegaCricket88 Online casino Lottery

Another way to go isn’t to wait for your dreams to come through, but to take matters into your own hands and figure out for yourself which numbers make you feel your MegaCricket88 Online casino Lottery luckiest. There are a number of ways to decide which numbers you’d like to use MegaCricket88 Online casino.

You might find that birthdays, whether yours or the birthday of someone close to you, is the perfect fit. Anniversaries are another popular decision. However, don’t hold yourself back—any set of numbers that just “feels right” could be your MegaCricket88 Online casino lucky set! Make it your project of the year and don’t stop until you find them.

In order to take this superstition to its maximum potential, proponents say that you should use your lucky numbers every time you play. This consistency helps people feel that perhaps, they’ll see their very own choices roll across the screen one day.

Are You Seeing Red in Lottery?

MegaCricket88 Online casino

This is an internationally beloved tradition: many players wear red when they go to purchase their ticket. You don’t have to fully deck yourself out, but you might consider wearing anything from a pop of red jewelry or your coolest red suede shoes to something more basic like a tee shirt or socks.

Colors have different meanings in different cultures and this one we’ve borrowed from the Chinese community. Red in this cultural context is a shade that’s associated with success, wealth, and good fortune. It’s thought to help wearers reap abundant rewards and look fantastic doing so.

With those benefits, it’s no wonder that it’s become a pervasive superstition all over the world!

Live a Charmed Life in Lottery

This is one you’ve probably heard of: if you want to be at your very luckiest, you should carry a lucky charm with you when you select your numbers. Many superstitious players refuse to even approach the desk without their charm in hand (or pocket)!

There are practically infinite forms this can take: while a rabbits foot is one of the most popular, don’t disregard the potential delight found in, for example, a special medallion, an iron key, or a birthstone.

A popular choice in the United States is to carry around a wheat penny. As they stopped making the wheat cent in 1958, they’re considered to be especially special choices. Many choose to expand its reach by placing the coin in their shoe, under the left foot specifically.

You can even grow your own! Four leaf clover seeds are commercially available, whether online or in your local nursery. There’s got to be a little extra credit in there for growing your own luck in the garden, right?

Don’t Get Left Behind

It’s not only that people put coins in their left shoe—left is significant in lucky legend and lore in a variety of ways.

For example, superstitious players approach the shop or stand in such a way that their last step lands on the left foot. Some even take it further—if they accidentally find themselves entering or approaching with the right foot, they’ll leave and try again MegaCricket88 Online casino Lottery!

A similar tradition exists for receiving the ticket itself from the giver: many lottery participants will make an effort to only receive the ticket in their left hand. This is, again, cultural: in some cultures, the right hand is the “giving” hand and the left hand “receives.” Thus, only good fortune could flow from the seller to the buyer in this transaction.

Don’t Leave the Shop Owners High and Dry nin Lottery

The final superstition we have for you is also a matter of kindness and basic courtesy: lore suggests that you MUST purchase something else from the shop along with your ticket.

It goes back to the idea of putting out into the universe what you’d like to give back: Karma, if you’d like. The idea is that by buying more than just a ticket, you’re being a good customer—and some of those vibes will come around and help you out a little.

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