Monopoly Live Evolution Gaming at MegaCricket88

Monopoly Live Evolution Gaming at MegaCricket88

 introduced the online casino game Monopoly Live in response to the success of their other live game shows, such as Crazy Time, Funky Time, and Dream Catcher. Similar to these games, Monopoly live evolution gaming features a large spinning wheel with a variety of segments for players to bet on, including special bonus rounds.

Monopoly Live Evolution Gaming at MegaCricket88

As expected, the Monopoly live casino game offers interactive features that online casino players enjoy. These include live chat functionality, a charismatic game show host, and the potential to win big prizes, with a maximum jackpot of $500,000.

The combination of live chat and interaction with fellow players and dealers contributes greatly to the popularity of Monopoly live evolution gaming among casino enthusiasts. In addition, exciting game bonus rounds have become responsible for some of the most important winnings at online casinos, which further increases its appeal.

Monopoly Live Evolution Gaming: Overview

For those concerned about whether combining a board game with a Money Wheel will interfere with the flow of the game, you can be sure. Alongside the essential branding elements, the Money Wheel features special segments that, when traveled, trigger an incredibly exciting Bonus Round, enhancing the gaming experience. Plus, players don’t have to worry about dealing with competitive family members trying to collect rent – a convenience for many.

Based on Dream Catcher’s success, the Monopoly live casino game offers players the chance to bet on the result of the wheel spin. The game is being played in one of Evolution’s bustling studios, where it is live-streamed in high definition 24/7. As Money Wheel leads the middle stage, Mr. Monopoly can be seen enjoying the tea to one side, with dice patiently waiting on the other side. The studio backdrop, featuring skyscrapers, completes the aesthetically pleasing setup, evoking the spirit of the classic board game.

Despite the visually stunning studio, it is often the dealers who steal the spotlight. Each dealer is a highly trained professional, trained in developing a friendly and engaging environment while efficiently managing the game. In terms of professionalism, EVO Live Gaming holds licenses from reputable regulators such as the UK Gambling Commission and MGA, giving players confidence that they are receiving fair treatment. The game’s return-to-player ratio (RTP) is usually on average around 96.23%, even though this may vary based on the particular bet placed.

Monopoly Rules: How to Play Monopoly Live Casino Philippines?

Monopoly live evolution gaming is a unique live online adaptation of the very popular Monopoly board game. Hosted by a live game presenter, the game revolves around predicting the segment where the massive wheels will stop. The wheel features ‘CHANCE’ segments offering instant cash prizes and multipliers, as well as the ‘2 ROLLS’ and ‘4 ROLLS’ segments. These final segments trigger a virtual MR. MONOPOLY that starts the action during the bonus round. SIR. MONOPOLY navigates a 3D Monopoly board, collecting prizes and multipliers made exclusively for you!

Kung bago ka sa larong Monopoly live casino Philippines, narito ang lahat ng kailangan mong matutunan tungkol sa laro:

Monopoly Live Evolution Gaming: Ang pangunahing money wheel game

Ang Monopoly Evolution ay nagpapakita ng napakalaking umiikot na gulong na may 54 na magkaparehong laki ng mga segment. Kabilang sa mga segment na ito, 48 ay nakatuon sa mga numero 1, 2, 5, at 10, na ibinahagi sa iba’t ibang proporsyon. Gayunpaman, ang tunay na nagpapalaki sa kaguluhan ng Monopoly live ay ang natitirang 6 na segment. Binubuo ang mga ito ng dalawang Chance segment, tatlong 2 Rolls na segment, at ang mailap na 4 Rolls na segment.

Sa simula ng laro, ang mga manlalaro ay may kalayaang maglagay ng taya sa anumang bilang ng mga segment na gusto nila. Kapag nasa lugar na ang lahat ng taya, sisimulan ng host ng game show ang pag-ikot ng napakalaking Monopoly wheel. Ang mga manlalaro ay sabik na nagmamasid sa pag-ikot ng gulong hanggang sa huminto ito sa isang partikular na segment. Depende sa landed segment, ang mga manlalaro na tumaya dito ay makakatanggap ng katumbas na payout o advance sa bonus round.

Kung huminto ang gulong sa isang bonus segment, ang mga naglagay ng taya sa partikular na bonus ay ipapapasok sa bonus round, habang hinihintay ng mga manonood ang pagtatapos ng round.

Mga taya sa Monopoly Live Casino Game

Upang lumahok sa Monopoly Live, ilagay lang ang iyong mga taya sa segment na pinaniniwalaan mong titigil ang gulong sa: 1, 2, 5, 10, ‘2 ROLLS’, o ‘4 ROLLS’. Ang mga segment na ito ay makikita lahat sa grid ng pagtaya sa interface ng gumagamit, maliban sa ‘CHANCE’.

Kapag nailagay na ang lahat ng taya, iikot ng host ng laro ang gulong. Ang panalong segment ay tinutukoy ng flapper sa tuktok ng gulong pagdating sa paghinto.

Kung ang gulong ay dumapo sa isang may numerong segment kung saan ka tumaya, mananalo ka. Kung mapunta ito sa anumang iba pang segment, maaaring magkaroon ng karagdagang mga pagkakataong manalo.

Ang lahat ng taya ay binabayaran batay sa mga logro na naaayon sa numero sa nanalong segment. Halimbawa, kung tumaya ka sa numero 5 at nanalo ito, makakatanggap ka ng mga panalo sa logro na 5:1. Kung manalo ka, ibabalik ang iyong unang taya kasama ng iyong mga panalo.

Kapag napunta ang gulong sa ‘CHANCE’, maaari kang manalo ng premyong pera o multiplier na bonus. Ang pag-landing sa ‘2 ROLLS’ o ‘4 ROLLS’ ay magpapagana sa larong Bonus, na nag-aalok ng karagdagang mga pagkakataong manalo ng malaki.

Ang mga segment na ‘CHANCE’

  • Kapag dumapo ang gulong sa isang segment na ‘CHANCE’ sa Monopoly live evolution gaming, ang mga manlalaro ay bibigyan ng Chance card ni MR. MONOPOLYO. Ang card na ito ay maaaring magbunyag ng alinman sa isang random na premyong cash o isang random na multiplier na bonus.
  • Kung ang Chance card ay nagpapakita ng isang premyong cash, ang bawat manlalaro ay mananalo ng random na halaga ng cash na ipinapakita sa card.
  • If the Chance card shows a bonus multiplier, all bets of the player remain active. The host of the game rotates the wheel again, and the multiplier indicated on the card will be applied to the wins in the next round. If another multiplier is obtained in the subsequent round, the multiplier effect will stack.
  • If the Chance card shows a bonus multiplier and the next spin results in a Bonus game (‘2 ROLLS’ or ‘4 ROLLS’), all multipliers on the Bonus game board are multiplied accordingly.
Monopoly Live Evolution Gaming at MegaCricket88

The Bonus game on Monopoly Live Evolution Gaming

If the wheel stops at ‘2 ROLLS’ or ‘4 ROLLS’, the Bonus game begins, and MR. Monopoly embarks on its escapades in the 3D MONOPOLY world.

To participate in the Bonus game, you must have placed a bet on either ‘2 ROLLS’ or ‘4 ROLLS’. If you have not yet placed a bet on these options, you will still notice the Bonus game but you will not receive any prizes.

If the wheel sits on ‘2 ROLLS’, the Bonus game covers at least two dice rolls, which reaches a minimum of four rolls if it sits in ‘4 ROLLS’. If a double is combined in the bonus game, an extra dice roll will be given. These dice rolls happen in the live studio.

After each dice roll in the Bonus game, MR. MONOPOLY spells the 3D MONOPOLY board. The number of squares ahead of him is equal to the combined sum of the two dice from that roll. At each stop on the board where he arrived following a dice roll, cash prizes are awarded to qualified players.

Each time a double is combined, an additional free dice roll is provided, unless the doubles are used to exit the Cage.

Your cumulative Bonus game winnings are counted and added to your Bonus winnings.

When all the dice rolls are exhausted, the Bonus game will end, and all Bonus winnings will be given along with your first bet. Subsequently, you will return to the main money wheel game for another chance to try your luck.

Monopoly Live Result: Winning Results

As soon as the wheel stops, the outcome varies based on the segment in which it arrives. Winning the Monopoly live casino game depends on a variety of factors, and not all bets guarantee a cash prize.

  • Number Segments:
    If the wheel stops in one of the numbered segments, players will receive a prize money corresponding to that segment. Each number on the wheel pays in a ratio of one to one. For example, number 1 pays 1:1, number 2 pays 2:1, number 5 pays 5:1, and 10:1 pays 10.
  • Chance Segments:
    When the wheel hits one of the two Chance segments, players who bet on that segment can win a random multiplier for the next round or random cash prizes.
  • Bonus Game Segments (2 Rolls or 4 Rolls):
    If the wheel stops at any of the bonus game parts, 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls, players will be taken to a 3D Monopoly board where Mr. Monopoly rolls the dice. As Mr. Monopoly moves around the board, he accumulates multipliers. Players with active bonus bets will receive the total multiplier collected by Mr. Monopoly during the bonus round.

Paano Maglaro ng Monopoly Live Casino Game?

Ang Monopoly live evolution gaming at Lightning Roulette ay ang pinakasikat na live na laro sa casino na magagamit. Dito maaari mong basahin kung paano maglaro ng Monopoly live evolution gaming.

  1. Pumunta sa Lobby ng Casino. Pagkatapos, Mag-click sa Live Casino at Pumunta sa Monopoly Live.
    Kapag nag-click sa Monopoly live evolution gaming, dadalhin ka ng casino sa live studio ng EVO Live Gaming kung saan ipinakita ng isang host ang laro.
  2. How to place your bets
    The Monopoly live casino game has 6 betting options. There are 4 different numbers to bet on and 2 different bonusesThe host
    rotates the wheel. All bets are off after a few seconds. You have 12 seconds to place your bets.Monopoly Live Evolution Gaming, Monopoly Live Casino Philippines
  3. Or Stop the Wheel in a Bonus Game
    If the wheel stops at one of the bonuses, the bonus will be active. If you place a bet on the active bonus, you will participate, otherwise, you will become a spectator.
  4. Bonus Game
    Begins Mr. Monopoly does a few multipliers before throwing the dice.
  5. Roll the dice
    2 dice were combined and Mr. Monopoly made as many steps on board as the sum of the dice. If a double is thrown a further throw is added.

  6. The game is over and if you win, the prize won will be added to your account immediately. After that, the next round will begin.

Monopoly Live Payouts Statistics by Segments

In Monopoly live evolution gaming, the game wheel consists of 54 identical sized segments. However, each number and bonus feature appears on the wheel a different number of times. As a result, different possible bets have different probabilities and Return to Player (RTP) percentages. Here are the stats for Live Monopoly:

BetThe number of segmentsPayoutWinnings from a $10 bet
Chance2Random prize or a multiplier
2 Rolls3Bonus feature
4 Rolls1Bonus feature

Monopoly Live Casino Strategy Makes You Win!

Before researching strategies for Monopoly Live, it is important to understand that Monopoly live evolution gaming is completely random. Regardless of the technique used, it is impossible to predict the outcome of a particular round of Monopoly betting. While different strategies can help manage your bankroll and potentially increase your chances of winning, it’s important to understand that no strategy can guarantee success.

Low-Risk Monopoly Live Casino Strategy

  • This technique includes betting on the most frequent number, which in this case is “2”.
  • While it may not yield significant returns, especially in the short term, consistent betting on “2” can help keep your gameplay up for a long time.
  • “2” has an RTP of 96.23%, making it the most frequent number on the Monopoly wheel.

High-Risk Monopoly Live Casino Strategy

  • For a more bold approach, you can include bets on 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls bonus segments along with bets on the number “2”.
  • This approach requires placing a higher number of bets in a round, and thus increases the risk. However, it also offers the potential for more meaningful payouts compared to the low-risk approach.
  • It is important to use this high-risk technique to avoid the rapid depletion of your funds.

Alternative Monopoly Live Casino Strategy

  • Betting on all segments in a certain round guarantees a win but ensures that every other bet is defeated. This approach is not recommended because it often results in general losses unless a large payout is achieved.
  • Avoid relying on Monopoly Live or score app results to predict results, as the game’s randomness makes predictions pointless.

Reddit Monopoly Live Casino Strategy

  • Several Reddit users tried to calculate the best strategy for Monopoly Live based on segment RTPs. Their conclusion conforms to the low-risk approach of continuing to bet on the number “2”.
  • Betting on “2” offers the safest option with the highest probability of success over time.

Ultimately, while strategies can help manage gameplay and potentially improve outcomes, success in Monopoly live evolution gaming depends on luck. It is important to approach the game responsibly and enjoy it for its entertainment value rather than relying solely on strategies.

FAQ by Monopoly Live Evolution Gaming

What is the highest payout at Monopoly Live Casino Philippines?
The maximum payout a player can win when playing Monopoly live evolution gaming is $500,000.

What is the highest winning potential in the Monopoly Live Casino Game?
The largest multiplier ever recorded in Monopoly live evolution gaming was 6400x and gave the lucky player a win total of 444,719€. This is very close to the highest possible payout of $500,000.

Is playing Monopoly Live Evolution Gaming online secure?
Yes. EVO Live Gaming is widely recognized as one of the most well-known software developers in the iGaming industry, setting the standard for live casino products. The developer works with fully licensed operators not only in the UK but also in various jurisdictions. It is noteworthy that all the casinos recommended on this page are fully licensed and regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, ensuring a secure and fair gaming environment for players.

How is Live Monopoly different from regular Monopoly?
The Monopoly live casino game differs significantly from the traditional Monopoly board game. The main gameplay in Monopoly Live revolves around a money wheel, where players place bets on the result of each turn. However, the similarities between the two games are in the 3D Monopoly Bonus round. At this stage, players see Mr. Monopoly navigating a vast virtual board. As time goes on, he takes prizes, avoids jail, and contributes to players’ earnings, adding an element of excitement reminiscent of the traditional Monopoly experience.

Can I play Monopoly Live Casino demo mode?
Unfortunately, the Monopoly live casino game does not offer a free-play demo mode. Unlike other online casino games, live games usually do not include free gaming options. If you are interested in trying Monopoly live evolution gaming, you can choose a casino with a low minimum deposit requirement and start playing with the smallest possible bet. It allows you to experience the game without risking large amounts of money.

How do I bet on Monopoly Live Evolution Gaming?
To bet on the Monopoly live casino game, you just have to load the game and bet on the segments you think the Monopoly wheel will stop. You can bet on as many segments as you want each round.

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