Megacricket88 Guide: Baccarat – What It Takes To Win

Megacricket88 Guide: Baccarat - What It Takes To Win

Megacricket88 Guide: Baccarat – What It Takes To Win

There all kinds of information on the internet and books written to give baccarat players the advantage. While some of this information may be resourceful there are some tips way off the mark and don’t hold any merit whatsoever in the art of playing this popular table game.

Calculating the Cards Order

Amongst one of the most widely recognized myths about baccarat is expert players who claim to have committed years to perfecting the order of cards. For this to be even remotely possible a player would have to have some method to shuffle tracking which to do in a land based or online casino would be an impossible feat. Just as deceptive is a so-called method designed over exit cards that are available only to certain players, it is a dispelled strategy given the cards are random and cannot be predicted.

Betting System

Research will show a multitude of systems that will try to sell a player in one way or the other that their strategy works.

One of the more popular systems involves when a new shoe is in play you begin with a count of zero. Add one to the count every time an ace, two or three is dealt and add two to the count when fours are dealt. Cards that decreases the players bet chances are fives, sevens and eights. The rest of the deck nines through kings add zero to the count.

The whole theory in this system is allowing you to switch to the player bet when the count increases and not as likely when the count decreases. When the count is at 16 or more that is the time to switch to the player bet. And in no time at all with practice you will be counting your cards to more winning hands than ever.

Unfortunately, this is simply another fable that would fit better in a fairytale. There simply is no betting skill that will allow consistent wins. Remember baccarat is no exception to the rule that the casino always has the house advantage.

Counting Cards

We all know that counting cards is big business if what you are playing is blackjack. It takes a tremendous mindset to be a card counter but the money that can be raked in is phenomenal. In many cases greed gets in the way or the eye in the sky is all too aware of the card counting advantage player.

Although it is technically not illegal, a gambling establishment frowns upon it and will throw you out on your ear. You won’t have to worry about that happening to you or any other player at the baccarat table. Why? The answer is quite simple, it is impossible to do. Go ahead and read up on every strategy to counting cards. There are systems galore that will try to teach how it is done.

Sounds like a great plan, doesn’t it? Time to reel you back into reality and hate to be the bearer of bad news but the truth is – there is no such thing as card counting in baccarat. Don’t waste your time because it is a ridiculous possibility. There is no system that will work and we will debunk every single one that claims it will work. In other words, it is nothing more but a weak attempt to get your attention and nothing more.

A Game of Skill or Not

Every game needs to have a certain amount of skill even if it is as simple as knowing the basics of the game. Baccarat, however, does not require the type of skill that other games like Texas Hold’em or other card games have. Sit down at a poker table and if you don’t have a strategy or some skill you might as well throw in the towel. On the other hand, you won’t feel inadequate or feel it crucial to become a semi-pro to sit down at the table and play baccarat.

Know the basics – it is played using six decks and it’s you against the dealer. Win by picking the hand that has the highest total. Nine is the highest score and the lowest score is of course zero. You can also bet on a tie hand but this bet has more favor to the house so we do not recommend it.

It may have the reputation for being a “rich man’s game” but it is a game anyone can play. The simplicity makes it uncomplicated and there is no reason to feel intimated even if the guy next to you has on a tuxedo. See how easy it is, now you are ready to play!

Megacricket88 Guide: Baccarat – What It Takes To Win

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